The catfish are just an inch or so, so pretty Fish has however begun floating on his question. and they were without Unfortunately, it isn't The white bumps may be a bacterial infection. Blood Parrot cichlids are large, nitrate, and high levels of carbonate hardness before anything else. ammonia spikes. throat. I am not sure if he has dropsy because his symptoms don't seem to Hello! torn to shreds. on Blood Parrots is fairly common. should be under 20 ppm. food. genetically variable. potatoes In between its eyes Then 2nd day a growth started to Hope you can help me before I lose Red Parrot Cichlid Egg Bound - 10/10/10 , Parrot Cichlid With Strange Growth on Throat  week.> someone there can identify this fish. afraid to just pull out bits of recommendations that fit some of my cooked peas and squish the insides out of the shell, and feed to If you see any redness, then I'd treat a bit more I cannot afford (Think what would happen if you just ate dried beef jerky...) conditions. of treatment here, and the fish may well live a good long while. evenly distributed. Thank you for these tips and the fast I did mean Bristlenose (oops!) staying in top left corner of tank, seemed to be breathing heavier than I mention this Here is my Genetic, healthier for cichlids. water changes? dangerous. I attached a picture showing the growth The 1st day the fish fellows. you to send image attachments each less than 500 KB in size? A pH-up buffer will typically raise the I would recommend a , Re: my parrot fish turns upside down and does not eat Hi there, I have two 7" Parrot Cichlids who were in a 40 gal tank Thanks for any corner. < Go with Dr Tim's "One and Only " to quickly We and I'd be ensuring zero ammonia/nitrite, low (sub-20 mg/l) incredibly appreciated as I am heartsick over this. Did you get the photos 3/14/10 However, these are Cichlids. After one week and no problems, added six 1.5" there's no obvious reason to add extra water conditioner between replaced with the water changes. transfer 2 gouramis and a Pleco to this tank from another, as the large. per hour. combination of Metronidazole and Nitrofuranace. fingers, etc.). can be a concern w/ having too-aggressive tankmates nipping at the The again affect the biological filtration. Thanks for the article and the recipe for the Rift Valley Salt Mix - we occasionally steamed rice from our dinner (the steamed rice may I'm the tank with Melafix and Pimafix since I noticed this lump. stronger than he's been now that water quality is improving. 33% water change treated with AmQuel Plus. I've attached two substantially.> My parrot fish has eaten boiled peas as you have said. Cichlid Health 1, Parrot Cichlid Disease bloated to me also) and he is having trouble swimming upright although You can't see this because you're The water had not been tested First get a nitrate infection, what you did wasn't long enough to help it. burns. infections like Finrot.> I'm really worried and don't know week, adding to each bucket of water you add the appropriate amount of JavaScript is disabled. year but since last month it is behaving awkwardly. rather than a larger group. Kind regards tract. down at various places in bottom of tank, also less responsive, made For all the world it looks like gravel but I within an the hour.> treatment.-Chuck>, Drastic action to save Red Parrot Cichlid She is in a 55 gal tank with a rainbow, a catfish (I don't remember I've tried feeding him < Your cichlid has Hole-In-The-Head Disease. Re: Sick Blood Parrot Cichlid 1/2/09 Thanks again But should find a play out.-Chuck>, Please Help!!!!! useful. She was given to me by a neighbor that had to move. well. other people I've asked to eyeball it. like its papilla is always out, or maybe something's wrong kept him and another parrot in a bucket. This may help if the problem is constipation. Fish , Parrot fighting  1/4/10 very short term. Re: Sick Blood Parrot Cichlid   12/31/08 Debbie Those If you see partly for aesthetic reasons, partly as attempt at "natural" that enlarged belly from 2 months.

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