Chicken litter contains high amounts of … Before you release your chickens into the abundance of your backyard or decide to plant a garden surrounded by chicken wire specifically for your flock, there are a few potentially toxic plants you should know about. Given chicken manure is also light, and easy to get hold of, transporting it to your outdoor growing area should be easy. When you fertilize with composted manure, nutrients slowly release into your soil and plants thrive. Alongside nitrogen, chicken droppings also feature phosphorus and potassium. Chicken manure contains nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, manganese, copper, zinc, chlorine, boron, iron, and molybdenum. Poultry manure contains all of the nutrients that plants need to grow, develop and produce bountiful yields. Unlike other livestock animals, chickens have a keen sense of knowing what plants are poisonous and what plants are good for them. A good baseline estimate on chicken manure NPK is 1.1 – 0.8 – 0.5. Chicken manure benefits from being naturally high in nitrogen — an average of 1,5%, but as much as a 2.8% even in some cases. Chicken manure boosts your soil’s health by improving its water- and nutrient-holding capacity. This is based on an application rate of a half-inch to 1″ layer of pure composted chicken manure. Of course, all manures contain nitrogen, but chicken manure contains some of the highest amounts. It has high nitrogen content. CHICKEN. Proper pig manure management is a little different than recycling chicken manure. Chicken manure is one of the most beneficial types of manure you can add to the garden. It’s a rapid-release nitrogen source, as chicken manure releases 75% of its nitrogen in one year. This also poses a slight disadvantage – you will have to compost it well to prevent it from burning your plants.

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