Piston Air Compressors A piston compressor (also known as a reciprocating compressor… This is a build I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. In the sections below you will find exploded diagrams of some of the most popular compressor parts, and how they may vary depending on the manufacturer. This makes the GSSL behave more like the original SSL. Atlas Copco CPS portable air compressor, spare parts catalog, operation and maintenance manual, schematics. And you got home studio guys making clones for $900. The GSSL is a clone of the stereo buss compressor found in SSL4000-series desks. A wiring diagram is a streamlined standard photographic representation of an electric circuit. H/J PCBs. Audio Interfaces SSL 2 SSL 2+ Analogue Processors Fusion - 6 analogue colours X-Rack 500 Modules Mynx G Series Stereo Compressor Alpha VHD-Pre Alpha Channel Plug-ins SSL Native SSL X Sean Divine 2020 VISION Demo Track Controllers Nucleus2 SSL … Man, they would sell so many of them. Imagine if SSL would sell their G buss compress for $1500 or less. Briefly, Mnats' boards introduce these features: Fix ground loop problems of Gyraf's version, grouping the ground points in each circuit block and returning each group separately to … Changes the sidechain from summed (mono) to stereo. Fixes power hum problems inherent in the original GSSL design. In the schematic of the Ross Compressor below, you'll see some parts that are highlighted in blue. Simple controls allow fast, easy adjustment, and almost … SSL … Thus, R7 can be used to adjust the speed of the compressor … Adds adjustable 60, 90, 130 & 200hz high-pass filters, Tilt-Medium and Tilt-Loud sidechain eq curves, and the option for an external sidechain input. Modeled on the master buss center compressor of the SSL 4000 G console, the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor plugin captures every nuance of the original’s … Join the Community. While the time constant C8*(R7+R16) defines the attack and release times of the compressor, the threshold of the limiter is defined by the gain of the non-inverting amplifier which in turn is defined by R11. F schematic (Figure 4). VU Meter Mod Usually GSSL builders use a peak meter. The signal was a 100hz sinewave, so you can do the math and calculate how many ms the attack is. Usually GSSL builders use a peak meter. Hi guys, can you hook me up with schematics and/or pinouts for the SSL 4000 channel strip - the actual board, on which the other modules are mounted (I think it's called the "I/O module"), and its modules (e.g. Here you can find a list of features of Mnats' rev. The schematic used is the original UREI rev. SSL's G-series stereo mix-buss compressor has been supercharged with the company's Superanalogue circuitry and fitted into a 1U rackmount box. SSL Schematics Library : Channel Strip and Master Module Schematics 82E01 Transformer Mic Preamp/Line Input 82E02 Channel Equalizer 82E05 Phase Meter - Master Section 82E10 Channel Dynamics 82E26 Quad Mix Amp 82E27 Compressor Time Constants, Quad Fader Autofader 82E132 Pultec EQ Emulator The SSL mixbus compressor is an integral part of the mixer’s main quad fader and autofade system – cards 82E26 and 82E27, and as you can see if you compare these to my schematic, a series of changes have been made for rehousing the circuit. GSSL bus compressor with Turbo Mod build. I couldn't live knowing I paid $3800 for something that only cost $300 or less in parts. August 17, 2015 laurensprimusz. This is my 1984 SSL E-series channel compressor using the SLOW attack. Don't forget about time difference! Changes the sidechain from summed (mono) to stereo. PDF Service Manuals, Operation & Maintenance … These parts were added by the R.G. The ratio was set … This makes the GSSL behave more like the original SSL. I just love SSL buscompressors and SSL’s in general, so being able to … Get DIY updates in your inbox. http://www.thatcorp.com/datashts/2180data.pdf, http://www.thatcorp.com/datashts/2181data.pdf, The Schematics, Component placement, and the (reversed) PCB layout for The Clone (650Kb pdf-file, PCB Rev#9, SCH Rev#7), MCS's Gerber files for The Clone (200Kb .zip-file, REV#7), Gustav's operation at the GroupDIY forums, Pictures from various construction stages, www.fivefish.net/diy/SSL4000Compressor/default.htm, shinybox.com/product_info.php?products_id=34, = Alan Smart Research C2 Stereo Compressor.

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