Thanks for dropping by! Every channel had its own compressor and noise gate, and the centre panel that housed the VDU and QWERTY keyboard enabled you to take a snapshot of the desk to be recalled at a later stage, by carefully matching the settings on the desk to those stored on the eight-inch floppy disks that were used by the first E series computers. SSL large format consoles remain popular. The final XL9000K, introduced in 2002, has surfaced mount components in the centre section, compared to the J it has better headroom, bandwidth and a lot of upgrades. A total of two were built and sold. [ All About the Vocals – recording, editing, mixing vocals ], [ YOUR MIX SUCKS Waves Edition OUT NOW! SSL employs over 160 people worldwide[2] and has regional offices in Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Paris, and Tokyo, with additional support provided by an international network of distributors.[2]. [17], In its infancy, SSL was the first firm to manufacture solid-state control systems for pipe organs. One of the first SSL consoles (in fact the first in the UK, and only the second console sold) was a 4000B installed at The Townhouse Studios on Goldhawk Road in London. The 4000 has 4 mix busses (2 x Stereo, or Left/Right/Center/Surround), the 6000/8000 have 6 or 8 hence and were developed for TV/Film-Mixing. SSL Matrix 2 16-Channel Mixing Console $ 20,649.00. or $462 /month for 60 months Learn more about leasing. The XLogic G Series Compressor unit is a 1U rack mounting stereo compressor. Notable mixing engineers using the 4000-Series are Bob Clearmountain, Chris Lord-Alge, Tom Lord-Alge, Andy Wallace, Mark "Spike" Stent, Will Schillinger and Alan Moulder. Then came the 4000 E (introduced in 1979), their „classic“ console which changed mixing forever. Of all these consoles, the SSL 4000 may be the most famous. Operational refinements include remote track arming, and a computer built on proprietary technology, providing tape transport control, together with comprehensive session management and sophisticated mix automation. [citation needed], The 9000 J and K series have been widely acclaimed for use in R&B, Classical and Pop genres. The Solid State Logic SL 4000 G Series is the world's most successful studio production console. The SSL 4000 G-Series (including the G+) continues to be popular among mixing engineers in Rock and Pop genres. SSL first experimented with a protoype „A-Series“ console in the mid 70s – (two were made). Gain Staging – the bank account of your mix! I’m also using an X-Rack to be able to combine the characteristics, especially the mix bus summing of different generations of SSL consoles. The digital processing channels appear as audio plug-ins. They are mostly custom pieces. Notable mixing engineers and producers using the 6000-Series were James "Jimbo" Barton, Keith Olsen and artists ranging from Whitesnake and Kiss to Fleetwood Mac and Tupac Shakur. [19] Shortly after, artist Peter Gabriel became the majority shareholder in Solid State Logic. The most recent updates include the AWS 916, 924, and 948 supporting the delta control plug-in. Sanders was killed in a helicopter crash on January 28, 1998. These microphone/line preamps can be operated as standard low-distortion preamps, or in a mode which introduces 2nd (even) & 3rd (odd) order harmonic distortion. [13] Virgin's Townhouse Studios in London and Record Plant in Los Angeles also used 4000B consoles for many years.[14][12]. You could fit an early E with some late G-Series cards and vice versa. [6][7] (On 1 March 2005, APT Licensing Ltd. was incorporated in Belfast.[8]). There was an error submitting your subscription. Using the system DAW users can emulate SSL channel strip features including filters, SSL E and G series EQ and dynamics processing. [15] SSL claim that the 4000 has been the mixer behind more platinum selling albums than all other consoles combined except the MCI series of consoles that did most of the classic hits in the 70's and 80's. SSL calls this technology “Superanalogue”. For a limited time, the SSL Production Pack is expanded to include SSL Native FlexVerb and X-comp plug-ins, in addition to DrumStrip, Vocalstrip 2 and a host of … The console's channel strips include both E-Series & G-Series equalization, which is selected via a single button per channel. [9] Bearing in mind the considerable, £50,000+ entry level price tag for this smallest of SSL desks, the unit has proved popular[citation needed]. [12], The SSL 4000B was first built in 1976 with the first delivery to Abbey Road Studios in London and the second to Le Studio in Montreal. Disney, Mediaset, SAE and Skywalker Sound, among others, employed them in their facilities, though the console was plagued with design faults and a poor automation system. In addition to a 4000 G-Series console, I have build a small portable console with the MYNX combined with an X-Rack Input- and Master-Module. SSL analogue and digital audio consoles are used in both pre- and post-production for film, audio, video and broadcast sound. The X-Rack modules are either housed in a 19″-case that can hold a total of 8 modules and also provides SSLs famous “total recall”-system, or you can get a smaller case called MYNX that can combine two modules. [18], The organ division was sold in 2002 and is now known as Solid State Organ Systems. Today, Solid State Logic (SSL) mixing consoles are iconic studio classics. Low frequency equalizer controls have color caps. Founded in 1969,[2] SSL has since expanded to its present 15 acre (61,000 m2) science park in Oxfordshire, England. SSL’s reputation for hit-making sound is unsurpassed, having been used on hit recordings by Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Madonna, the Rolling Stones, Sia and hundreds of others. Virgin's Townhouse Studios in London and Record Plant in Los Angeles also used 4000B consoles for many years.. [10] 2006 saw the release of its successor, AWS 900+. Parts are pretty much interchangeable. Today, the different building blocks of classic SSL consoles are also available separately as small modules for SSL’s own “X-Rack” format, and also in 500 Series-format. Three stereo. Add to Cart. [11], The company began with the SSL 4000A series consoles. Fewer consoles were sold, compared to the E/G-Series – only 190 SL9000Js and 55 XL9000K. The overall design still goes back to the legacy consoles (none of the 4000 – 9000 are in production any more, but still favoured by the world’s top mixing engineers). Tree Sound Studios 4000B console in studio 11, named for the console's serial number, was purchased in 1993. One senior SSL executive was quoted as saying "the desk was an absolute nightmare from start to finish and almost crippled the company. Theoretical bandwidth is 5Hz to 500kHz. On Sale! The company claims that more platinum albums have been recorded on SSL mixing consoles than any other company's equipment combined. A, B, and C. The 6000 has an additional stereo program bus compared to the 4000. The system supports Steinberg VST, Apple Audio Units and Digidesign RTAS, (support via Fxpansion wrapper). Dismiss, YOUR MIX SUCKS • MIX TEMPLE • MASTER FEEDBACK. During the ’80s and the two decades which followed, the SSL console was used on thousands of hit albums, including the likes of David Bowie, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Nine Inch Nails, and many more.In 1996, Billboard magazine described the console as the Rolls-Royce of the studio industry, reporting that it was used on 83% of number 1 hit singles produced that year.

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