Traditional Sri lankan jaadi fish curry by Apé Amma . Mostly we use canned Mackerel for this curry. But same recipe can be used with any tinned fish. May 14, 2019 - How to make fish rolls at home. In Sri Lanka, most of the fish curries used to … Sometimes all I want is a curry on my plate, no messing around. The national telecommunications provider Sri Lanka Telecom also launched an IPTV service in 2008. Playing Now Cook Pakshaya 2019-01-13 . This videos shows how you can easily make delicious Sri Lankan style fish rolls. A place to watch and share Sri Lankan videos. There are also a number of Satellite networks and pay per view television networks in Sri Lanka. "Bursting with full of spicy flavours, this is a traditional Sri Lankan fish curry. I don't mind waiting for food, but there are times when I WILL NOT wait for food - that's when I make fish curry. Sri Lankan Canned Mackerel Curry (Tinned Fish Curry),Saman curry or Sardine curry as we Sri Lankans call it commonly is a tinned fish curry. … Sirasa TVBy LakvisionTV755 views Spicy bello by Apé Amma . Prep Time 20 Min. It's a gastro treat with a hot punch underlining an irresistible addictive taste. Creating the Thoramalu Curry … මාළු රෝල්ස් ගෙදරදීම පහසුවෙන් හදමු! Since then many new television networks have come in to existence within Sri Lanka. I added the tomato to give this fish curry a little bit of sweetness to take the edge off the sourness. Thoramalu, a Sri Lankan fish curry is so quick to prepare and packed full of spiced flavour and fragrance. Fish curries in Sri Lanka usually feature coconut or coconut milk. Try this with steamed rice or warm garlic bread, if any complaints please feel free to contact me." I have used tomato and tamarind as souring agents.

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