Whatever your age, and height, you can comfortably observe the night sky with the Portable Refractor Telescope … This Gskyer refractor telescope features a 2.76” (70mm) aperture and focal length of 400mm (focal ratio f/5.7). Gskyer Astronomical Refractor Telescope Review. Best Beginner Telescope For Viewing Planets Celestron PowerSeeker 60EQ Telescope. This telescope to watch planets is the perfect choice for everyone who is just starting to … The best telescopes for viewing planets like Saturn and Jupiter will have a longer focal length – for good magnification and a narrow field of you – as well as higher aperture – which will … The aperture is large enough to allow for a reasonable amount of light collection, which yields clear, detailed images of the Moon and allows you to view planets … Perfect For Beginners. The telescope is designed with a flexible tripod that can be adjusted for all heights ranging from kids to tall adults. The Portable Refractor Telescope form Occer is designed to be the best telescope for beginners of all ages. Taking a look at the stars and other celestial bodies through a telescope … Best Beginner Telescope – Entry Level Reviews For Enthusiastic Noobs – 2020 There's nothing more humbling or awe-inspiring than gazing up at the night sky.

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