HomeByMe is an entirely free tool that allows you to start your creation in 2D, and build your room bottom to top, furnishing it with state-of-the-art furniture and décor. The app allows you to browse through professional designers’ portfolios, find those in your area, and connect with them. It should be noted that it’s not ideal for professional interior designers as it has limited features. That’s right, your favorite furniture shop has its own interior design app. Klicken Sie in der HARO digital! It has a compass function that shows you exactly where the light falls at different times of the day so that you can plan your entire room accordingly. The best way to do that is through 3D interior design apps. In the 2D mode, you can create your floor plan and insert any furniture or appliances you may want. With the Snapshot feature, you can take a photo of your creation, and shadows and lighting will be automatically added, and all the colors enhanced. If you like the design you’ve created, you can itemize a shopping list to calculate the cost of your new room. The furniture, walls, floors, and others can easily be edited down to the smallest detail, you can change colors, patterns, materials, and adjust the size of each item so that it suits your room perfectly. 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MagicPlan is a room design app for iOS and Android that creates floor plans from user-scanned photos.

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