With a height of approximately 20 to 25 feet, it is the smallest of all species of ash trees. They grow in various soils provided the medium is sufficiently moist. Use this magnificent tree for dense shade, as a street tree … Click on links below to jump to that question. Although, Watson and Gilman described green ash trees within their Fact Sheet stating surface roots “may become annoying as they can lift sidewalks, curbs, and make mowing a challenge.” Top Questions About Ash Trees. Inside the tree, fermentation occurs from the bacteria and carbon dioxide gas is released. It is best to plant the saplings in the spring or early fall. “The Modesto ash historically and characteristically is a vigorous tree with an invasive root system,” Yanez said. Apparently, the rest of the ground was levelled. The pressure of the gas release pushes the ash tree’s sap through the wound. ‘Fantex’ produces dark green, leathery foliage and is the best variety for residential landscapes. Ash tree roots tend to grow near the surface, they can be tolerant to rocky soils and alkaline soils. This deciduous cultivar is commonly used as a street tree, a specimen tree valued for its fall color but is less tolerant of reflected heat and high temperatures than other cultivars. Initially found in Michigan in 2002, EABs likely arrived via packing materials made of ash wood. An ash tree leaking sap is very likely infected by these bacteria. Horticulturist Calvin R. Finch, Ph.D., has labeled the Arizona ash a 'trash tree' because of its life span of only about 25-30 years, among other reasons. Hello all, I have a Modesto Ash tree in my yard. Female trees drop a winged fruit that resembles a maple seed. They have fluffy white blooms with a sweet smell. Sap spills out, making the outside of the tree trunk look wet. Anthracnose is spread by water and attacks the newly emerging leaves in spring. Vigorous, to 50 by 30 ft. wide. The shallow root system extends widely and can provide considerable competition for nearby plants. His concern was that even though it was mid-May his ash tree had very few leaves and all the other trees were lush with new foliage. Examples of the 'Modesto' Ash cultivar can be seen in the lawn just east of the main entrance of the Arizona State Museum opposite the Velvet ash trees. Spectacular yellow fall color. I explained to him that ash trees, and especially Modesto ashes are very susceptible to a foliar fungus called Anthracnose. The Arizona ash tree has many positive features, but along with those come some drawbacks. “That tree was planted in the wrong place. Ash Tree Average Growth Rate Trees of the Ash species are classified as moderately fast growing due to their ability to grow between 18 and 25 feet in a single decade. Ash trees are deciduous, which means they shed their leaves at the end of the growing season. They are popular in landscape and lawns as they add shade and aesthetics. The ash tree makes an excellent shade tree for yards and parks. The tree seems to be pre-existing the house (which is about 58 years old); since the tree is in a wooden built-in planter about 3ft above the ground. The California ash tree is native to the southwestern part of Northern America. Modesto Ash Fraxinus velutina glabra 'Modesto'-WHERE TO BUY THIS VARIETY- Beautiful deciduous shade tree for arid climates - blight caused by anthracnose fungus may be a problem elsewhere. Best … California Ash Tree Care And Maintenance Guide Read More » The variety ‘Modesto’ is symmetrical, compact and a little smaller in size but a vigorous grower. The ash tree is a target of the emerald ash borer (EAB), a beetle once native to East Asia.

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