The verb hupotasso appears 40 times in the NT and frequently displays the same meanings found in the classical and LXX literature. to subject, put in subjection . The Greek word hupotasso is of great significance in the history of Christian theology. Better translated "to identify with" -- "to be in support of" Recent scholarship has made clear the understanding the people to whom these letters were written would have of hupotasso, the word translated submit. 1. Submit = Greek hupotasso. ὑποταγήσεται — 1 Occ. 3. Strong's 5293 Hupotasso. ὑπετάγησαν — 1 Occ. The words "be subject" are from the Greek word hupotasso, which comes from two Greek words: the word hupo, which means: "under," and tasso, which means: "to set in place." Louw and Nida define the word, “to bring something under the firm control of someone” (Greek-English Hebrew equivalent of Greek words? Strong's Greek 5293 38 Occurrences ὑπετάγη — 1 Occ. Mostly, people's political opinions get in the way before I find a clear answer. This is the definition of hupotasso according to Thayer’s and Smith’s Bible Dictionary: “to arrange under, to subordinate. ὑπέταξεν — 3 Occ. to subject one’s self, obey. Strong's 5219 Hupokouo. - posted in General Accordance Topics: A month or so ago my Pastor preached on James 4:7 "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Regarding Hupotasso: from what I can understand, Romans 13 (submit to governing authorities) and Colossians 3 (wives submit to your … In other words, the word means to set something in place up under something else. He went in depth into the Greek and in particular the word "hupotasso". 2. It was used in an attempt to settle the debate over the nature of God, and, most specifically about the nature of the Son of God. Hupotasso : hoop-ot-as'-so: Parts of Speech: TDNT : Verb : 8:39,1156 Definition : to arrange under, to subordinate to subject, put in subjection to subject one's self, obey to submit to one's control to yield to one's admonition or advice to obey, be subject A Greek military term meaning "to arrange [troop divisions] in amilitary fashion under the command of a leader". The Greek word hupotasso is translated as “submit”, “subject”, “subjection” and “obedient” in our English translations of the Bible. I am finding some a lot of conflicting information regarding the definitions of the Greek words "Hupotasso" and "Hupokouo". Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." This is an interesting question. ὑποταγέντων — 1 Occ. to submit to one’s control. ὑποταγῇ — 1 Occ. In the context it is talking about submitting to the authority of another. ὑποταγησόμεθα — 1 Occ. It involves both voluntary and involuntary submission. Ὑποτάγητε — 3 Occ. ὑπέταξας — 1 Occ.

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