The process of sharpening on a stone is similar to sanding wood. All it takes is a little bit of practice and some patience. The cutting edge of a typical kitchen knife is shaped like a V. If you looked at a brand-new knife with a factory edge under magnification, that's what you'd see. Make sure that your sharpening guide is designed specifically for your knife’s angle, which can be discerned from its packaging. Our guide is split into 9 short episodes. Excellent sharpening stone! Over-soaking will decrease the stone’s quality and make sharpening more difficult. Every knife has to be slanted at its exact bevel angle, which is the angle in which the blade slants. Knife Sharpening Tricks: There are many ways to sharpen a knife. Follow our founder and master sharpener Luka in his step-by-step Beginner's Knife Sharpening Guide to learn all the basics to knife sharpening using sharpening stones (whetstones). You will likely scuff and mark it as you’re trying to get the feeling of the motion, so it’s a good idea to practice the technique on a cheaper knife and not the $500 Damascus steel knife that you got as a present. Then of course the knife guard/guide and link to the digital book on how to use it. Safety note: As my Granddad used to say: "Don't cut toward yourself, and you'll never get cut." Sharpening a Knife Grinds Away Steel . Works like a charm. There are a variety of tools you can use to sharpen your knife at home. Sharpening stones must be used in order to sharpen a knife to its fullest potential. Excellent photos by Christy Canida the whale butcher. This method produces a good general purpose edge. The whetstone scratches away material to shape and polish the edge to an acute blade.Stones can be fragile and should never be over-soaked. If this is the first time you’re sharpening a knife with a sharpening stone, practice on a knife that you don’t care so much about. Knife sharpening process might seem intimidating and difficult at first, but it really is not. Forget the electric sharpeners or taking your knives to a sharpening service, this is the way! See wha… Most manufacturers of knives list bevel angles for their products on their websites, but the bevel angle for most knives is 10 to 20 degrees. This sharpening stone does take a little bit of time but that's why you spent so much money on your excellent knives! Knife Sharpening.

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