Which of the following components should be added to an inductor to increase the inductance? What happens as the noise reduction control level in a receiver is increased? What is one disadvantage of using a shortened mobile antenna as opposed to a full-size antenna? How do the lengths of a three-element Yagi reflector and director compare to that of the driven element? What standing wave ratio will result when connecting a 50 ohm feed line to a non-reactive load having 10 ohm impedance? What is an advantage of a half-wave rectifier in a power supply? Which of the following steps must an amateur operator take to ensure compliance with RF safety regulations when transmitter power exceeds levels specified in FCC Part 97.13? What is the maximum transmitting power an amateur station may use on 10.140 MHz? What problem can occur when making measurements on an antenna system with an antenna analyzer? What is an advantage of a digital voltmeter as compared to an analog voltmeter? Which of the following may cause receive interference in a radio installed in a vehicle? What is an advantage of using I and Q signals in software-defined radios (SDRs)? Which of the following may apply in areas under FCC jurisdiction outside of ITU Region 2? What circuit is used to process signals from the RF amplifier and local oscillator then send the result to the IF filter in a superheterodyne receiver? According the National Electrical Code, what is the minimum wire size that may be used safely for wiring with a 20 ampere circuit breaker? What is the capacitance of a 20 microfarad capacitor connected in series with a 50 microfarad capacitor? Which of the following would increase the bandwidth of a Yagi antenna? They are Technician, General, and Extra. Which of the following connectors would be a good choice for a serial data port? What usually happens to radio waves with frequencies below the LUF? What causes a voltage to appear across the secondary winding of a transformer when an AC voltage source is connected across its primary winding? What is the total bandwidth of an FM phone transmission having 5 kHz deviation and 3 kHz modulating frequency? Why is it good to match receiver bandwidth to the bandwidth of the operating mode? What combination of a mixer's Local Oscillator (LO) and RF input frequencies is found in the output? What percentage of power loss would result from a transmission line loss of 1 dB? The National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (NCVEC) Question Pool Committee has released the 2019 – 2023 FCC Element 3 General Class Question Pool into … What is the primary use of a Beverage antenna? What condition can lead to permanent damage to a solid-state RF power amplifier? Which of the following criteria must be met for a non-U.S. citizen to be an accredited Volunteer Examiner? What is one way that RF energy can affect human body tissue? What makes HF scatter signals often sound distorted? Which of the following describes a waterfall display? Why is the conductor of the primary winding of many voltage step-up transformers larger in diameter than the conductor of the secondary winding? What is the limit for transmitter power on the 1.8 MHz band? Which ionospheric layer is the most absorbent of long skip signals during daylight hours on frequencies below 10 MHz? Which of the following describes an azimuthal projection map? Which of the following are examples of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet? What is the voluntary band plan restriction for U.S. stations transmitting within the 48 contiguous states in the 50.1 to 50.125 MHz band segment? Which mode is most commonly used for voice communications on the 17-meter and 12-meter bands? What is the ratio of peak envelope power to average power for an unmodulated carrier? Which of the following is an advantage of CMOS integrated circuits compared to TTL integrated circuits? Which of the following is an advantage of a receiver DSP IF filter as compared to an analog filter? What does the term "critical angle" mean, as used in radio wave propagation? What kind of device is an integrated circuit operational amplifier? What is the reason for neutralizing the final amplifier stage of a transmitter? Which of the following is an advantage of using a gamma match with a Yagi antenna? How long does it take charged particles from coronal mass ejections to affect radio propagation on Earth? What happens if a signal is applied to the secondary winding of a 4:1 voltage step-down transformer instead of the primary winding? Which circuit is used to combine signals from the carrier oscillator and speech amplifier then send the result to the filter in some single sideband phone transmitters? What is the primary purpose of antenna traps? Which of the following applies when selecting a frequency for lowest attenuation when transmitting on HF? Which of the following one-way transmissions are permitted? Which of the following is an advantage of a direct digital synthesizer (DDS)?

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