With some older guitars, finding one that's all original is so rare that even one that's been tinkered with somewhat over the years can still have a lot of value. X Want to know how to date your Fender guitar by serial number? That letter indicates the decade. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. Or get a guitar guide from your local library or online and check the number against the references in your guide. Get the proven playbook to heal a broken heart. Start by cleaning the guitar and bringing it back to playable condition, if possible. Older guitars included trim and detail in ivory or tortoiseshell, neither of which are used in present-day guitar manufacturing. Here's how: Gibsons have this pattern stamped onto the back of their headstocks: The remaining characters (RRR) can indicate the order of instruments created that day, as well as which factory the instrument was made in. to see if you can get a match. To start, find the name of the maker on the front of the headstock, which can help determine the quality of a guitar. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. In general, a lower serial number will be worth more than one with a higher serial number. How do I find the age and value of a guitar if there's no name or brand? If the guitar's body is cracked, or the finish is scratched or worn down, you may want to avoid using polishes to clean the surface any further. Most guitar manufacturers put a serial number on each instrument they produce. If you notice the finish starting to flake off, take the guitar to a luthier (someone who builds and fixes guitars) to get it cleaned, rather than trying to do it yourself. If you want to know the production year of your Squier guitar,you can decipher it with the serial number decoder, or find it in explanation about the dating system below. New strings may have a hard time staying in tune at first. For example, if the guitar is heavy and the wood has a reddish hue and a tight grain, you may be looking at a Brazilian rosewood guitar, which could have a strong value. For example, you may have a 50-year-old guitar in pristine condition that is still only worth a few thousand dollars. Fake or real Conversely, it is of course no guarantee whether the guitar is real, as a serial number is easy to copy. Going to an exclusive dealer of guitars of the same make as the one you're trying to date may be your best bet. The remaining digits are important for product identification, but the first few characters are all you need to determine the instruments age. This article has been viewed 104,302 times. There should be a date on the neck and a date on the body. On some acoustic guitars, the serial number is on the inside of the sound hole. There you have it! We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Well, good news it's very easy to figure out the age of Fender and Gibson instruments from the last 30 years. On an electric guitar, you'll typically find the serial number on the back of the guitar body or headstock. Use this site for a pricing guide and source of information on all guitars. Dampen your cloth, and try not to get too much moisture on the guitar itself. wikiHow's. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. If a serial number is not in the lists or is not recognized in the serial number decoder, it does not mean that the guitar is a fake. First, narrow it down by the country of origin. This number can be used to date a guitar and in some cases tell where it was made. Scratches and cracks don't necessarily affect the playability of a guitar, but may affect its value. My acoustic LG1 Gibson 183934 is an early 60s model I think. After tuning the guitar, stretch the strings again. The serial number of an acoustic guitar may be on the back or on the label in the sound hole. Fender Serial Dating. This can give you a narrower range of years. Click HERE. Don't scrub the guitar, as you could damage the finish. If this is the case for your guitar, you'll have to do a little more work to find out exactly how old it is. You can remedy this by stretching the strings several times. Ebony also is a rare material to be on the lookout for. Try looking up the model number on guitar manufacturer's sites (Ibanez, Martin & Co, Taylor, Gibson, Fender, etc.) If they don't, it could indicate that the guitar's neck was replaced at some point, or that the guitar was built from spare parts and is not an original build. A serial number ending in 501 could be the first instrument made at factory #5 that day, or it could be the 501. The lowest serial number, indicating the first guitar of that model produced, typically commands the highest price. Generally speaking, a lower serial number (for example, "0001") indicates an older guitar that will be worth more than one with a higher serial number (for example, "0987"). However, if an old guitar is considered "player quality," it can still fetch a good amount of money – it just won't be worth as much as it would have been if everything was original. If you suspect your guitar is made of a rare wood or contains rare materials, take it to an expert who can properly identify the material as authentic. But the same guitar in worn condition could be worth millions if previously owned by a famous rock star. NOTE: This number includes all models for a particular reissue year - so, for example, a 1958 Reissue serial number may include '58 Reissue LP Standard and '58 Explorer production. Once you know the name of the maker, you can check that guitar company's website to find out how long they've been making guitars. Example: 7 5123 is the 123rd 1957 reissue model produced in … Here's a brief rundown of how to do it, plus resources for more information. What do I do if I only have the model number? Take care not to scrub too hard – you might scratch or damage the fingerboard. How to Find Out the Age and Value of a Guitar, http://thehub.musiciansfriend.com/tech-tips/seven-ways-to-decide-if-your-guitars-a-treasure-or-keepsake, http://acousticguitar.com/how-to-clean-your-guitar/, http://www.fretnotguitarrepair.com/repair/acoustic-guitar/cleaning.php, https://www.thoughtco.com/change-acoustic-guitar-strings-1711861, http://www.guitarworld.com/lessons-accessories/everything-you-need-know-about-changing-guitar-strings/29090, https://reverb.com/news/how-to-date-a-fender, http://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/the-tone-garage/different-woods-different-tones, verificar la edad y el valor de una guitarra, Das Alter und den Wert einer Gitarre herausfinden, Mencari Tahu Usia dan Nilai Jual sebuah Gitar, De leeftijd en waarde van een gitaar bepalen, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Then you’re in the right place. Most guitars are made out of common woods such as maple or poplar. You could sell it for much more if you know its exact year and if it has any special feature or is a limited edition. The better the guitar sounds, typically, the more it will be worth. To learn how to clean and inspect your guitar, read on! Serial number coding for Mexican-made instruments is largely the same, except they will start with an M. Gibson serial numbers are even more interesting, because you can find out the specific date that your instrument was completed!

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