Today, it's made by Gibson, but it is still prized by jazz and blues musicians looking for a classic sound. A truss rod is a metal bar (usually made from steel or graphite) that reinforces the neck of a guitar, bass, or other stringed instruments. Setting up the Dot involves adjusting the truss rod to correct for any underbowing or overbowing of the neck because of humidity changes. When tuned up to pitch, the strings will put several hundred pounds of pressure on the neck –more than enough to bend it. The Epiphone ES-335 Dot was the world's first semi-hollowbody electric guitar, introduced in 1958. Supporting the authorized dealers' "after the sale" profits may be another aspect, where dealer techs should be knowledgeable and experienced concerning TR adjustments.. hopefully less likely to cause any damage than an inexperienced owner. The new Hummingbird Original blends vintage appointments and today's modern, high-quality build construction. I bought it new and it was essentially flat, so I had to back off the truss rod nut a little every few days until I got some daylight under the strings. This is how it is written in the Gibson Les Paul manual. Understanding Your Truss Rod. Your truss rod needs adjustment when the neck of your guitar has too much or too little upbow or too much backbow. Fret leveling is pretty much required to get action Nirvana from a lower priced instrument, as opposed to a Gibson which comes with lazer leveled frets from the factory. As stated above, loosening the truss rod will not cause damage, but if it is completely loose, loosening it more will not change anything. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING TO YOUR TRUSS ROD you need to have a reasonably good understanding of truss rods. Guitar Truss Rod Adjustment Guide This article provides a top-level view of how a truss rod works and how to adjust a truss rod. 1/2 a turn is not an extreme adjustment. Improper adjustment of a truss rod could potentially damage an instrument, so there's that perspective. Tightening or loosening the adjustment nut adds or lessens pressure on the rod and neck. Adjusting a guitar truss rod is a key part of maintaining optimal playability. A truss rod’s job is to counteract that tension and allow the player to adjust how much (or how little) the neck bows. But there is no such truss rod adjustment advice in the Epiphone ES-339 manual. The unmistakable Gibson Hummingbird is followed by the masses as one of the most remarkable acoustic guitars ever built. I am currently measuring the gap at the 9th fret, while keeping the string held down at the 1st and 14th. Don’t laugh this off.

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