Worry is the central emotion linked to Earth Element imbalances. Just as Mother Earth’s job is to nurture growth and all living creatures, Stomach Qi is what “feeds” all the organs enough power to perform their jobs. This is not to say that to experience any of these emotions means that the related organ is out of balance but, rather, that any extreme case or fluctuation of these emotions may be related to a problem with that … Correspondences. The Root Chakra is our foundation and the feeling of being connected to the earth, grounded. The Stomach’s element is Earth. Physical health problems affecting … The fire signs all have some element of "forcefulness" in … They react according to their emotions or feelings. An imbalanced Root Chakra can cause great insecurity, irritability and obsession towards materialistic aspects. Thomas Berry: Reflecting on Emotions, Heart and Conservation An analysis of this great thinker's views on our relationships with Earth. Like Earth People, Water People are more likely to react to situations. Location: Base of the spine, in the terminal area. The mouth is the sensory organ related to the Stomach. Emotionally, means using the emotions or feelings as a basis of action, knowing and deciding. Someone who has not been … As well as the ability to express sympathy toward others, however, we must be able to receive it, too. Other attributes of the earth element include ambition, stubbornness, … The muscles are the tissue associated with the … It is … The liver is associated with Wood and therefore with anger, the heart with Fire and joy, the spleen with Earth and pensiveness, the lung with Metal, and grief and the kidney with Water and fear. Posted Nov 20, 2020 Earth Emotions explains what a love of life means and pinpoints the implications of its opposite. Everyone has met someone who has a sing-song way of speaking and an overly sweet disposition; this would be an indication of Earth imbalance. Emotional problems affecting the Root Chakra: Survival problems such as money or food. The sense organ associated with the spleen is the mouth and health issues involving the spleen sometimes manifest on the lips and the corners of the mouth. The emotion associated with the Earth element is sympathy, an important emotion when expressed in appropriate circumstances. This can be subtle, as when feeling something is true rather than thinking something is true. (Air), or just doing it (Fire). I marvel at how my six-year-old knows in an instant just how to comfort a friend who is hurt or crying. If you have any mouth issues, such as bleeding gums or bad breath, it may be a sign that your Stomach function is compromised. Compassion and empathy arise spontaneously when the moment is right. It is associated with the turn of each of the seasons and with damp. By treating the Spleen, you correct emotional imbalances associated with Earth Element; by addressing emotional issues associated with Earth Element, you treat the Spleen. In Chinese teachings, Earth is associated with the qualities of patience, thoughtfulness, practicality, hard work and stability. The negative emotion of the spleen is worry or obsessive thinking, and the energy or vitality of the Earth Element is intent. The contest between life-affirming and life-destroying forces has now reached a tipping point. The earth element is also nurturing and seeks to draw all things together with itself, in order to bring harmony, rootedness, and stability.

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