The Electro-Voice ND96 is a robust, high-performance. The ND96 Dynamic Supercardioid Vocal Microphone from Electro-Voice produces exceptionally high gain before feedback and is effective on loud stages in large concert and arena-sized venues. Electro Voice ND96. Electro-Voice (“EV”) was founded in 1930, first specializing in mikes, then developing phono cartridges in 1948, and, starting in the early 1950s, offering loudspeakers. หนึ่งในไมค์เสียงร้องที่ดีที่สุดของ Electro-Voice ในราคาที่คุณสัมผัสได้ง่ายขึ้น. Released in the mid ’80s, the original N/DYM Series was a worthy contender to the leading brand with some sonic advantages. It’s probably been more successful in the broadcasting world but has its fans on live stages too. Description Specs Rated 5/5 Reviews More "You" for the Loudest Venues. L'Electro Voice ND96 est un microphone vocal dynamique de haute qualité avec des caractéristiques supercardioïdes. significantly louder than most microphones. For a vocalist, there's just no competing with a guitar stack or a drum kit on a loud stage. the microphone’s gain before feedback in a mix to be. dynamic supercardioid vocal microphone. ฿ 11,652.00 ฿ 11,190.00. designs create performance characteristics allowing. stages, the ND96 special structural and acoustical. De plus, le micro se voit doté de la fonction Voice Presence. Designed for excellent acoustic control on very loud. Eventually ownership shifted to Gulton Industries, best known for electric cigarette lighters and rechargeable flashlights. So when you need maximum gain before feedback, trust your sound to the Electro-Voice ND96. ไมโครโฟนเสียงแบบสาย Dynamic Microphone Le ND96 est conçu pour une performance vocale acoustique optimale. La grille plate permet au chanteur de rapprocher le diaphragme et ainsi éliminer tout risque d'effet Larsen. I’ve always thought of Electro-Voice as the ‘other’ American mic manufacturer. Le micro Electro Voice ND96 est spécialement pensé pour les scènes où le niveau sonore est très élevé. Un rendement supérieur à la moyenne et une haute protection contre le Larsen convainquent dans le cadre d'une utilisation professionnelle.

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