In addition, be on the lookout for common problems affecting these plants. To prune properly, the first step one is to know which type of clematis you have. Normal flowers should be produced as the season progresses and temperatures rise. Scotty66 Posts: 11. Plant database entry for Clematis Rebecca™ with 33 images, one comment, and 35 data details. I've had a Rebecca for 5-6 years now in a pot - stunning when in flower. Aphids and spider mites can be a problem as well. I've also treated the potted rose that's next to it. I don't normally do slug hunting at night, unless it is a precious plant that is being munched. Powdery mildew often affects plants with poor air circulation. Chances are, its been hit by a fairly common fungus that affects clematis plants, called clematis wilt. I may just move the pot away from it. There is no chemical clematis wilt treatment, but there are several things you can do to help the plant survive. Named after Raymond Evison's oldest daughter Rebecca and launched at the 2008 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Rebecca has become a favourite of gardeners everywhere in the world.A plant that is happy either growing in a garden location or in a container for the deck garden, patio, or outdoor dining area. Award-winning nurseryman Raymond Evison has been growing and selling clematis since he left school at the age of 15 and over the years has introduced more than 100 new plants to our gardens. ... a problem I quickly rectified. Powdery mildew, leaf spots, rust and viruses can also be problematic. He grows clematis suitable for growing in pots and containers, and other clematis that you can train to climb inside a conservatory or along a garden wall. I have a problem with my new clematis which has only been in the ground for a week if anyone can give me advice. Clematis are generally divided into Types/Groups 1, 2, and 3. Even weevils, but they don't usually bother clematis very much in my experience. It certainly was worthwhile to look out for my clematis though. If you identify the problem and act quickly you'll increase the chances of your plant recovering. Clematis wilt can cause vines to suddenly collapse and die after their foliage and stems have blackened. However I do have a rose in a pot next to it? Partendo dal presupposto di avere acquistato una Clematis rebecca, con riferimento al mio precendente post e di esser rimasto parzialmente deluso che non fosse realmente rossa ora un dubbio mi assilla. Clematis wilt is a devastating condition that causes clematis vines to shrivel and die, usually in early summer just as the plants are beginning to show vigorous growth. Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. The problem with using any insecticide dee, is that you kill everything beneficial as well. Log in or register to join the conversation. I have a problem with my new clematis. Clematis wilt is a very common although little understood problem. Clematis Rebecca problems. Clematis (Clematis spp.) Hi all, first time been on a forum. Group 1. Pruning Care of Clematis Hi thanks for answering,can't see anything at the base of the plant at present. Thank you Guernsey Donkey and Busy-Lizzie I'll be out with my torch tonight slug hunting!! About. I wonder if there may be something in there that's munching away on the Rebecca. Clematis Rebecca is Raymond Evisons newest variety, he launched this one at Chelsea Flower show '08 It's a very free flowering Clematis that flowers May to September This is the best colour of red we have ever seen! It could be any number of creepy crawly beasties dee, but looking at this notched pattern in your photo had me wondering if it might be the dreaded vine weevil. almost a 'pillarbox red'. I love butterflies and moths, and couldn't bring myself to squish them, so they went over the wall. Stunning bright red 5-7 flowers . Clematis Rebecca is one of the most beautiful between Clematis species. Modest in height this is a perfect choice for the garden with limited Each night this week I have been out with a little torch and have found more than 5 huge slugs on the leaves of the clematis. Clematis wilt is caused by a fungus that enters the plant through a wound made by an insect or an abrasion, such as rubbing from a plant tie. Pale or white-flowered cultivars are particularly prone to this problem, known as clematis green petal. What happened? Thanks for your input everyone. If the plant continues to produce green, distorted flowers throughout its flowering period, then a more serious problem known as green flower disease could be involved. Log in or register to join the conversation. It’s a disease caused by a root-rotting fungus in which stems just suddenly wilt, often just as they are about to flower. Leaf Problems on a Clematis. Clematis, especially varieties and cultivars that produce large blooms. I also water every night. Can't believe I'm saying this dee, but I hope it really is just little caterpillars having a sneaky nibble. Also hope it's not vine weevil, researched it a bit and it states that it's mostly when planted in pots. I thought it was dead, but now it's growing again from the bottom. I hope it isn't vine weevil on your Rebecca. Well...still no slugs but found the petals with small holes in them this morning, any ideas???? Potential insect pests include aphids, … At the moment my clematis is feeling sorry for itself and not doing too well, however with vigilance and nightly forays on slug hunts I hope mine will thrive soon. So I now I know that I have 142 clematis (not counting seedlings), both in the ground and in pots. There's nothing more I can do but keep my fingers x that it will be ok. My clematis is planted pretty deep with slate chippings on top so the area's pretty clean. Clematis alpine. One day your clematis vine is thriving and ready to flower, the next day its withering before your eyes. It is exceptionally free-flowering. It's planted deep and shaded with grey chippings on top. Telegraph Gardening readers can buy a collection of three clematis including ‘Rebecca’, ‘Kingfisher’ and ‘Empress’ for £9.99 or six (two of each) for £12.98. It's often the very tiny snails which cause the most damage to foliage too. across (12-18 cm), adorned with a wispy boss of creamy-yellow stamens at their center. Bloom in spring on old wood and do not require pruning to flower next year. Will have to see how it grows and hopefully no more problems! Types of clematis and their pruning groups. I also states that it will kill other bugs too.The more research I've done the more I'm convinced it is vine weevil despite it not being in a pot. Let us know if you find any slugs deemillennas. That happened to mine.

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