are broadly used in luxurious indoor and outdoor furniture, terraces, cruising vessels above the water line, swimming pool decks, etc.. 6 Benefits Of Teak Oil Finish For Wooden Surfaces: Let Them Glow & Shine At Fullest! In general, adding the oil brings a bit more richness to the color, though with Sapaele, you probably don't need it. I've done the Danish Oil + Lacquer finish a few times, not on Sapele though. The bottom line If you want to prevent wear and tear because of age, rain, cold winter air, snow, wind, or the UV rays of the sun, then teak oil … Remember that using oil will add at least 3 days to your finishing process, to let it dry and cure. Commercially available teak oils are all over the map with their claims. Wooden surfaces look awesome and serve us fairly if we provide them with proper care. Rare, expensive dense woods such as teak, mahogany, rosewood, etc. One truth that can be said about them all is that none has anything to do with teak wood or teak trees. If you want, you can add a bit of varnish to the blend which will offer additional protection to the teak oil product you just created. Teak trees aren’t drained of their oily resin to make teak oil. No wood needs feeding, and teak’s natural oily resin can’t be replaced.

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