You can't rinse all the sugar and corn syrup out so it would technically spoil a Whole30, but the best you can do is the best you can do. Either way, this recipe won’t disappoint! I do my very best to get my sweet potatoes for this casserole early, before the store runs out of my choice of canned yams. What Makes This the Best? Some brands of sweet potatoes have spices and some sugar added. Can I Use Something Other Than Sugar? Mashed Yams/Sweet Potatoes – You might be wondering about the differences and whether or not you can use either one.The short answer is yes you can use either one. Some people think that canned goods taste "like can" as well. Made with fresh or canned sweet potatoes, your family will love this easy pie. ... you can easily make your pie with canned sweet potatoes instead. Canned yams are frequently packed in syrup, which will make them very sweet. We like to use a light syrup for the least amount of sugar that will retain the flavor of the sweet potatoes. Make sure you drain off any liquid from the canned ones. Canned or frozen sweet potatoes may be substituted for the fresh form in any recipe calling for cooked sweet potatoes as the starting point. Six to eight canned sweet potatoes are approximately the equivalent of four medium fresh sweet potatoes. Butternut squash is also a good substitute. Sweet potato casserole never tasted so good as when you use home canned sweet potatoes and a healthy topping of homemade ... You can use just water instead, however, the sweet potatoes will be very bland with you use them later. Weigh the sweet potatoes at the store, and buy 20 oz. worth to allow for skins. In preparation, there shouldn't be differences beyond the obvious (cook the fresh, drain the canned, etc), but the flavor will be different. Weigh the sweet potatoes at … Canned sweet potatoes are generally smaller in diameter because of their better canning qualities. But also, yes, there is a difference! The Sweet Potatoes. Seriously, if you look on the ingredients of Canned Yams, it says “Sweet potatoes”. If you are using canned sweet potatoes in place of the fresh, you would still go by how many total cups or ounces you have. Most canned sweet potatoes are labeled yams so just buy those. I use Bruce’s Yams whenever possible when making any sweet potato casserole with canned yams. They are sometimes confused for one another and the names are sometimes used interchangeably but a Yam is more of a starchy root vegetable and yellow on the … The first example of canned sweet potatoes in light syrup I found on the internet listed the ingredients as Sweet Potatoes, Water, Corn Syrup, and Sugar which makes them fail on two counts - corn and sugar. … Ingredients. This is one of those things that drives me slightly bat crazy, because they’re not yams, they’re sweet potatoes. The only difference in the two is the canned ones are pre-cooked. All you need are a few basic ingredients and a pre-made pie crust, which can be homemade or store-bought.

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