For example, counselors in schools have been encouraged to include advocacy as part of a comprehensive program to help minority students (Perry & Locke, 1985). 12. The model is composed of 117 specific competencies that serve as markers of cultural competence. appropriate for the counselor to advocate on behalf of the client or student. Advocacy Model The concept of advocacy captures significant variation in the ways in which participating social workers worked for social justice. Encourages counselor educators to consider the value of social advocacy in counselor preparation. Advocacy Competencies model can be found in a special issue of the Journal for Counseling and Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psycholog y Volume 3, Number 1 Spring 2011 Counselors can meet the growing need to expand their roles to include advocacy by using the ACA (American Counseling Association) Advocacy Competencies (J. Literature on client advocacy has existed in various forms for more than two decades. The American Counseling Association Advocacy Competency Model is a useful tool that gives counseling professionals a framework to address the unique needs of clients who are affected by inequity (Ratts, Toporek, & Lewis, 2010). The model calls this Client or Student Advocacy. It is the closest thing to embodying social justice at a practice level in clinical social work. At a systems level, the ACA Advocacy Competencies model identifies Community Collaboration as the efforts of counselors to work with a community or school to address some oppression or barrier facing the community. Rehabilitation counselors have been urged to consider advocacy as an ethical imperative (Vash, 1987). Describes how the faculty of a counselor-education program developed and implemented a social-advocacy model of counselor preparation. The model shown below allows helping professionals to visualize the 3 domains of advocacy: Individual (microlevel), school/community (mesolevel), and … There is a rise in calls for counselors to be advocates for social justice. (Author/MKA) States that preparing counselors to be advocates for change puts counseling in action. The counseling competencies are embedded in four distinct domains: counselor self-awareness, client worldview, counseling relationship, and counseling and advocacy interventions. A. Lewis, M. S. Arnold, R. House, & R. L. Toporek, 2002).

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