5 critical thinking "rules" that are useful in everyday settings and among those most frequently broken. Step 3: Practice Step 4: Review, refine, and improve Step 5: Provide learning feedback. But critical thinking is even more important in the workplace than it is in university. 5 Steps To Plan For Teaching Critical Thinking Step 1: Determine learning objectives Step 2: Teach through questioning (Might we recommend the QFT strategy?) Step 5: Think for yourself. Note: You can find our post on 20 Ways to Provide Effective Learning Feedback here. Employers seek candidates with critical thinking skills more than ever. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It has become a vital ingredient in the success and profitability of organizations. By examining the 8 Steps of Critical Thinking you can apply these skills towards your coursework and/or past, current, and future employment. Start studying 5 Steps of Critical Thinking. Lastly, to become a great critical thinker you need to think for yourself.

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