UC has 6 pole design and Baltic Birch steel reinforced segmented bearings. A joy to use and beautiful to look at. Ted Forte is chair of the Astronomical League's Planetary Nebula Club. learn how. All eight separate. Nobody else does this. Prices do not include shipping and crating. Compare the Ultra Compact to the Classic Obsession 18 inch, Ease of use (setup, take down, collimation), components covered with satin black laminate, components are stained and have six coat polyurethane finish, Same for both, Ebony star on etched virgin Teflon. I couldn't peel him away from my scope HAHAHAHA!!! There are no short cuts in construction or performance. We ship throughout the world via UPS. See Optics page for more info. This keeps the cost low without having to compromise on the size or quality of the optics. Large Aperture, no big ladder needed! One look and you'll re-learn what it means to be excited about astronomy. It provides the primary mirror cell, the altitude bearings, the connection points for the truss poles, and a retainer for the wheelbarrow handles. See Optics page for more info. Enhanced Aluminum - 96% reflectivity, with dielectric overcoat (a supreme coating) standard on all primary mirrors. 12 volt cooling fan comes standard on all Classic and Ultra Compact scopes. This premium multi-dielectric coating has 96% reflectivity at 550 nm. This premium multi-dielectric coating has 96% reflectivity at 550 nm. Lake Mills, WI 53551 A small step ladder is required when the scope is pointed near the zenith but most observing will be done with your feet on the ground. This telescope will appeal to those that like the ultimate in form follows function style. Manufacturer of portable deep sky telescopes, "The Obsession 18" UC continues to perform, season-after-season, with over-the-top views of the sky. It provides four main functions. 18” Obsessions use fused quartz for the primary mirror glass. Eight pole design and one piece cast aluminum side bearings. Lower eyepiece height means 90% of observing will be done with your feet on the ground. The Obsession 18" is the ultimate compact scope for the discriminating enthusiast who wants big aperture in a small package. Connected in pairs at apices. I often tell novice astronomers that there is no perfect telescope – but the Obsession 18" comes pretty close. A Deposit is required to place an order ($2,000 for 18" Classic), Obsession Telescopes Diffraction limited and all figured and tested with interferometry. Classic is a better choice for CCD imaging. The ultimate coating for the deep sky obsessed. Eight 1.25 inch diameter. Brilliant-Diamond is just one of the reasons Obsessions out perform all others. Lake Mills, WI 53551 February 27, 2012. This coating is standard on all Obsession secondaries at no extra charge. Ostahowski and OMI are so confident of their quality that they post the serial number and test data for ever mirror they make on their web sites for everyone to review. Classic is better with 360 degree upper tube assembly baffle. Brought along a buddy with his 12" Skywatcher. Then, we took the scope to our dark sky spot in the Caddo National Grassland in northeast Texas. If you only observe in the city at home then the Classic is the better choice. 12 volt cooling fan comes standard on all Classic and Ultra Compact scopes. The Obsession 18" features the same quality craftsmanship and award winning design as found on our renown 20, 25, 30 and 36 inch telescopes. Just your size. Central obstruction and image contrast the same for both under good skys. Same 3.1 secondary mirror for both. With your order, please list any options and/or accessories you want, your mailing address, e-mail address if any, and phone number(s). 27" x 27" x 26" high (rocker and mirror box) Upper tube assembly placed next to lower unit. However, Dobsonian telescopes are distinguished by a rocker box with an alt-azimuth mount and a lazy-susan-style base.

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